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    A list with 11 stories by NathanielStanley 4 Likes
    Created 20 Apr 16 ●Last updated: 1 years ago

    Movellians' recommendation for Movellas Quotes.

  • To-read
    A list with 14 stories by Chiara Scuro 0 Likes
    Created 6 Mar 16 ●Last updated: 2 years ago

    Stories to read

  • Best Fantasy Movellas
    A list with 9 stories by Evil Teddies 2 Likes
    Created 8 Dec 15 ●Last updated: 3 years ago

    Top five site wide and my top five personally.

  • Good Books
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    Created 26 May 15 ●Last updated: 4 years ago

    Books that I like.

  • Best Movellas
    A list with 4 stories by Evil Teddies 3 Likes
    Created 3 May 15 ●Last updated: 4 years ago

    Some of the best movellas I've ever read on here. I'm sure many will agree.

  • Best Movellas
    A list with 5 stories by DidYouMissMe?I'mMoriarty! 5 Likes
    Created 8 Feb 15 ●Last updated: 4 years ago

    I just worked out how to make lists, so I'm excited! I'm new, but I've read quite a lot of movellas, so yeah.