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    mumbled "Sappy Moment :)"

    So, I feel like I don't do a lot to show how much I appreciate everyone who reads my stories, and I can't express my love for each and every one of you. I honestly only came on this site to write on something other than my notebook, and having people give me feedback was a nice plus. Never did I expect for my very first Movella to have 44k reads and be on the popular page. I wanted to do something for you guys to let you know that I do appreciate every read, every comment, and every like. The only problem is, I'm not exactly sure how to do that.. haha! If you have any ideas, or a favor or something I don't know how it works haha I just want to feel connected to all of you!! Let me know! <3 :) You're all awesome, by the way! :p
    P.S. I do read all your comments and I literally cry tears of joy from all the positive feedback I get, but I'm an awkward kid who doesn't know how to respond to things like that and I don't want you to think that just because I'm not responding doesn't mean that I didn't see it, I probably did then fangirled over your sweet comment and didn't have any idea what to do haha xx
    6 years ago
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    hi :) i'm a huge fan of your stories and i've read them all haha mind checking out my fan fict maybe ? xxx
    6 years ago
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    If anything u make US fangirl
    You are amazing! :) Your fanfic Stole My Heart was the first I read on this site and I loved it! You have inspired me sooo much! :D
    6 years ago
    hey! you are an amzing writer! the first book i read was stole my heart and i was being yelled at cuz i was reading for too long.. haha.. i think u should make another book.
    OMfggg you are my favorite writer!!!!!!
    ur my favorite stole my heart was the first i read and out of all the best ive read it inspired me to make my own acount and write my own stories i love yours sooo much
    6 years ago
    Stole my heart is the first story I read on this site but it's still the best! OMG it was soooo good!!!