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    I have roughly 3,000 words for today and I am super pumped!! I have never written so much in one day for nanowrimo before and I have a feeling that this year I might actually reach my goal!! I'm so proud of myself and I can't believe I'm actually doing so well!! I feel like this year has had so much growth for me as a writer and I really hope it continues!!

    also, I really want to do the fanzine but... Idk if I can juggle that, my nano, and school... hm...
    4 years ago
    xD Lucky - I've only gotten about a thousand words right now - damn you left over Halloween decorations and candy that I have to put away.

    I really hope NaNoWriMo goes well for you. 3000 words seem like such a good start - have any secrets you can share? xD
    4 years ago
    This is my fourth year and this is literally the most productive day I have ever had so don't think this is something I do on a daily basis. I'm kinda stunned right now but the vast amount I've written. A lot of it is stubbornness and procrastinating on other things by telling yourself you should totally write. Also figuring out what encourages you to write. For me, I thrive on comments. I crosspost my stories on 4 different writing websites so I can see how different groups of people react to my writing. It's interesting to see how different the comments I get are and what people on one site like vs the others. Writing something you're excited about with an idea of where it's going is also important. You've gotta have those scenes that you're dying to write but you just have a few mote chapters to write before you can get there. Everyone does work differently though, so just keep trying new things until you figure out what works for you! Good luck with your nano!

    (Also, never underestimate the power of healthy snacks in a bowl nearby and a good playlist on repeat)