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    To say Donald Trump is "right" and his points "make sense" is ridiculous. All the guy has done is be blatantly racist and say he's loaded with money. "I'm here to make America great again", okay but what has he said that will help America? The fact that he'll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it because all Hispanics are drug dealers, rapists? The fact that he'll make Muslims wear a band around their arm that to show their religion because all Muslims are terrorists? That's not helping America man. That's called being a racist.

    Spoiler Alert: Racism isn't helping America. It's the problem and if Donald Trump is here to make America "great again", he should be stopping racism as much as he can.

    Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a joke and shouldn't even be considered to be the president.

    (This rant is brought to by: two sisters and one boy in my US History class)
    John Bryan
    3 years ago
    Spot on Donald Trump is a raging egomaniac who is only in the race to feed that ego and sadly he has found far too many idiots who share his worthless views.

    Still I understand that he did lose the first round of voting to run to become President so maybe there's hope the rest of the United States isn't as backward thinking, whipping up fear and paranoia and hate and intolerance.