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  • The Girl Who Waited

    mumbled "LET'S CHANGE THE WORLD"

    How about we all stop hating on other girls for what they wear, and start praising their confidence in such a messed up world.
    How about we stop hating on girls for "hanging all over guys" and start appreciating she is taking control of her life.
    How about we stop hating on girls for doing their makeup and start complimenting their hard work. How about we stop hating on girls for being "too skinny" or "too fat" and start accepting their body because it isn't yours to judge.
    How about we stop judging girls taking a lot of selfies and be glad they aren't so insecure about themselves
    How about we stop treating woman like sexual objects and treat them like a human

    Why can't we just all support each other, we are not each others enemies but for some reason we all think we are all against each other in this world, we should be supporting woman who get harassed and be by their side, we should never feel ashamed of what we wear because someone else thinks it's too slutty or you look "fat" in it.

    Stop hating on each other and let's start loving each other
    It can make such a big difference