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    I hate when your wounds are internal, but everyone thinks they are fake so you can't say anything about it because it must be a cry for attention.
    I hate that nobody gets how I feel and I'm a bitch for trying to stand up for myself
    The actions are stupid but they open wounds and I don't want to keep having to sew up those wounds with my needle and thread, because it hurts more than it did from the start.

    Nobody's life is perfect (well I know a few people who are) but just because your scar is different from mine, does not make it less important, or less painful

    I need a break
    3 years ago
    this site is my break
    The Girl Who Waited

    It was mine too, but I need a break from everything
    I know right, this site is mine too. @[Orionaffect] @[The Girl Who Waited]