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  • Jade Harley

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    Oh yeah, and this has nothing to do with it, but I just thought I'd share a picture from Halloween. XD
    I'm the one in the middle, and I'm dressed as Terezi Pyrope! My friend Vivi is on the left dressed as Karkat Vantas, and my friend Risa is on the right dressed as W.D. Gaster from Undertale.
    And Vivi got to use a real sickle, which was awesome!!
    (The wig and body paint were a pain to get on and take off, though, so I'm starting to wonder whether I should be human Terezi next time, since I'll be at a two-day con the next time I wear the costume--or possibly even doing cosplay skits before then!--so yeah, that'll be an even bigger pain than being able to wear it without even having to be in character and then taking it off...)
    Halloween was fun, though! Vivi and I kept grabbing each other's "horns", and I kept sniffing her and saying she smelled like cherry, so... XD And we got lots of candy, which was cool!