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  • Cyborg ninja dude

    mumbled "Sorry"

    Hey! I know it's been a while...and to be honest I think I'm just join to leave perminately. Movellas just lost its spark and creativity. It doesn't really give me a reason to come back anymore, I'm not really a popular author or person in general on this site.
    I might keep my account there but I'm just not going to be active anymore.
    Le Fox
    2 years ago
    Aw, I'll be sorry to see you go, but it's your decision. I hope you return at some point though. :) <3
    2 years ago
    You should take a break and then come back maybe? That helps me a lot everytime I lose interest. :D But you shouldn't give up because of lack of feedback, if that's the case.
    Y I K E S
    2 years ago
    Aweeeeeeeeeee I'll miss you!!!