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    mumbled "3 Year Movellas Anniversary + Other Updates"

    Hello everyone.

    It's me. It's been a while since I've been 'active' on here and I feel awful neglecting my duties as an ambassador knowing someone else could be doing this job so much better than I am. But I just don't have time for this site anymore.

    It's been three years now since I joined. I've been around for four community managers and twice I've been an ambassador. But it's definitely time for me to move on. I genuinely believe that I've grown out of Movellas, if that's even possible.

    I feel like I already left months ago but I guess I'm making it official. I'm leaving. I know the search for new ambassadors is coming up soon and I won't be reapplying. I won't be deleting my account either, in case I want to check in sometime in the future.

    I guess I just wanted to say thank you to the community for being so welcoming, and for always striving to make this site a much better place. Movellas is a great space for teens, which I no longer am, but I will always be the first to recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to write.

    Thanks for the ride, everyone. Keep on writing. <3
    Chloe McCormick
    2 years ago
    Can sort of relate. Not grown out of movellas but I've grown out of the social aspect for the internet in general. I can't be bothered with it haha.
    Are you active elsewhere or have you grown out of all social sites?
    I sort of feel the same but I haven't had much luck looking elsewhere for writing websites so I'm sticking with movelas for a little bit longer. You will be very missed xx
    @[ireumeun.chloe] I'm pretty active on Twitter and have recently started a blog so that's where most of my time is going. :) I also use other sites just to keep in touch with people in my personal life but I'm not very active on those.

    @ᙢᗴᖇᙓᑕᗩ☂ I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels like this! But, I definitely agree. I haven't come across any other sites either, as multi-faceted as this one. Movellas will be very missed too. <3
    @[ᙢᗴᖇᙓᑕᗩ☂ ] Although, I will not miss the struggles of trying to tag you correctly. XD
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
    Good luck for the future. Like the others I struggle on other sites for writing as they don't have what Movellas has.
    2 years ago
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    how do you become a ambassador
    @[Squonk of the Nightshade] Thank you!

    @[Blurry face] There's a blog post around this time each year explaining how to submit an application. Keep an eye out! :)