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    The storm raged on as I sat up groaning in pain. I looked around to see amber flames consuming everything in sight. Screams filled my ears as I struggled to get to my feet.
    "Don't!" I turned my head to see Skye limping towards me.
    "What's going on?" I questioned walking towards her.
    "I said DON'T!" She screamed causing me to stop in my tracks.
    "I-I don't understand…"
    That's when I saw it, her eyes looked like something was sucked out of her, at least that's the best way I can describe it. Frozen in the spot I was standing I suddenly felt someone behind me causing an uneasy chill to travel through my body.
    "Leave her alone!" Skye screamed as her face turned back to normal and filled with panic. Evil laughter filled my ears causing a pit of nervousness to grow inside me. Then a weight fell off of me as a bloody scream filled the air. I slowly turned my head to see him standing there, his hand bloody with what seemed like something in his fist but I couldn't make out exactly what it was. His face looked the same as Skye's did a few minutes prior which made me nervous.
    "Are you okay Zoey?" His face lightened back to that caring face I was so used to and my nerves began to ease. Without waiting for a response from me he grabbed me by my wrist pulling me into his embrace. My heart began to beat ridiculously fast before everything went black again.
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    It was so good and simple! I can't stop reading this again and again and again! :D