• ☆~HXppY HaS MoVeD~☆

    mumbled "You Guys Deserve A Thorough Explanation"

    So, as I’m deleting all my stuff (trying desperately to scrub away any evidence of me off of here without deleting my account), I look back at the great memories I had on here. I felt a lot of guilt while deleting all of it. So I decided you guys deserve a thorough explanation rather than a “Hey, I’m leaving, bye”.

    1. Stating The Obvious

    If you couldn’t tell, I’m leaving Movellas permanently. I’m not deleting my account though. Even though all my stories on here are comeplete and utter garbage, I’m a hoarder. I keep any and everything I do. I’m sorry for anyone who wants more of anything I wrote on here, it’s not gonna happen.

    2. Apology

    I’m incredibly sorry to any and everyone I may have hurt on here without noticing it. I’m better now at realizing my mistakes and I wasn’t thinking that much back then. I’d also like to thank my friends on here who genuinely cared about me. Thank you. You had helped me so much by just being there.

    3. Sadness

    From when I joined Movellas to when I stopped using it was the darkest time of my life (Not because of anything on here, y’all are amazing). Whenever I check on here, it brings those times back up in my mind. I’d rather just be away from this website than stay on it and be reminded.

    4. Extra Thoughts

    1) I have more self control, I actually can stay away from websites now. So I won’t be dragged back here,
    2) I, for some reason, found the original, unedited version of Press Start in my documents. If I do come back here, it’ll be to rewrite and finish it.

    5. Where Am I Now?

    Don’t worry, you can still talk to me if you want! I’m on FanFiction.net as ThisIsTheEyeOfTheHurricane! I’m open to conversations, just don’t bother asking me for more of any story on here.

    That concludes my final words on Movellas. Thank you for the best (almost) 2 years I could have ever asked for. Raise a glass to freedom, and I’ll see you on the other side of the war.