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    Here's a slightly incoherent note I wrote for dialogue at some point in 'The Improbable Probability...' if I ever get round to writing more for it.

    I'm dedicating my blog posts this month to 'Paper Forests' this month with the hopes that my will to put words on a page will return. I only have three A level exams and the last one is June 6 so I'll have a solid three months to dedicate to finishing the draft before I leave for uni.

    I've decided that I might have to rename August because I've read three books this year that have a main character called August, even though they're all girls. I named him before these books came out and thought I was original but apparently not xD I also wanted to name him Blue but then there's 'Love, Simon' and 'The Raven Boys'. Names are hard. I'm taking suggestions - I like colours and months and nature names. I might go with Grey.