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    I literally spent the whole day at work planning out different stories that I can focus on after The Difference in Us. I ended up with a 9-page document full of character and plot development. I'm so excited to be jumping back into writing after a long time of just not bothering!

    Also, as always, I'm looking for super fun stories and fan-fictions to read. Just drop them in the comments, and I'll get on it <3
    1 months ago
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    XD I can relate to that LMAO i'm also back on writing after a break and it feels so refreshing
    Wounded Dream3 towers. Millions of teens. Trapped and willing to escape at midnight tonight.The Apprehsives, The Despondents and the Bidirectionals try to break free...

    Here's a story that I've written. I haven't updated it cos im working on another project but can you plz let me know what u think? Ty x :)
    1 months ago
    It really does, I haven't written anything for years in all honesty. It's taking a little to get back into it, but i'm super excited to start my next Movellas. Of course I can, thanks for sending it over! x
    1 months ago
    Jealous! My job is 10 hour shifts lifting boxes at a package store while I attend college, my day sometimes starts with ideas storming in the back of my head but I'm burnt long before I leave. Usually need a day before I can really generate ideas again. Also 9 pages? Very good! I sadly do not have the elaboration skill you do