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  • OhMyMovellas

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    3 months agoReply
    I have just posted the final chapter to The Difference in Us after a week and a few days of originally posting the story. Thank you for over 1000 views! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and was so happy that I managed to stick through it and write it to the end (I 100% cried a few times when writing some chapters).

    Anyway, with that completed I will now be focusing on Finding You. A new chapter will be posted every Tuesday and Saturday! Be sure to check it out. Thank you guys! <3
    Rain :)
    3 months ago
    Awesome! I am still in the process of reading it!! :)
    3 months ago
    Yay! I think I might have rushed it a little but I love the plot. I might do a re-write when I’m fully back into the flow of it x