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    New cover for A Sisters Vengeance
    When Avery Ollivier joins a sorority she doesn't expect to be as insane as her home life, but somehow she prefers it. She enjoys the crazy parties,the stylish outfits but most of all the feeling of having a family.
    Her fellow sorority sisters Madison, Amy, Isabel and Rita make her feel at home in the sorority house until there is an accident that forces the band of once strong sisters to fall apart.
    After Amy discovers her boyfriend Pete is unfaithful and the sisters decide to prank him, Amy pretends to have an allergic reaction causing her boyfriend to get the sisters to drive her to the hospital pretending the car runs out of gas by an abandoned construction site.Thinking that Amy is actually dead her boyfriend throws her down a well which legitimately causes her to die!
    Avery then accidentally tells Pete it was a prank .
    They all decide to keep it a secret, but soon after odd terrifying events follow the girls making them think Amy may not be as dead as they believe she is.
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    that sounds good
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