All these updates...

by , Tuesday October 29, 2013
All these updates...

Big things are happening at Movellas, which is always good, but you can help us improve even more!


You have probably noticed lots of little changes on Movellas over the last few weeks. Some of these have been kind of obvious, like the fandom categories. Some are a little bit more hidden, but are still improving the site. A lot of this is to make the site look nicer and be easier to use on mobile phones, but it might take a bit longer for this to become apparent. 


However, and there is a however, some people have been experiencing problems with the site since we made these changes, like not being able to reply to comments or open their notifications. We are really sorry about this and hope you are still managing to have a great time on Movellas! 


We are working super hard to fix these little problems, but there is something you could do which would make this much easier (and quicker!). We can then resume normal service and get back to making Movellas the best place to read, write and discover awesome creativity. 


So, what to do when you come across a new problem?


First up, try with a private browser. If the problem goes away when you do this, then please let us know in the comments on this blog or an email to This doesn't solve the problem forever, but helps us understand what is going wrong.  


If it doesn't help, then letting us know is definitely the best thing to do. To really help you we need to know what browser you are using, whether you are on a mac, PC, iPhone or android, and exactly what the problem is. If you can take a screenshot of what has happened, then that's perfect!


You can email this to or leave a comment on this blog. 


Again, we are very sorry for any hassle caused, although we are confident it will be worth it in the long run. Let's get Movellas back to its best!     



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