Can you Write a Story in 24 hours?

A very special competition is coming soon!

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Put this in your calendars! On August 6th an extraordinary event will take place here on Movellas - a 24-hour writing competition!


But what is it? 

A 24-hour competition is much like a write-a-thon. It is a writing competition where you must write a contribution in - you guessed it ! - 24 hours. 



The competition will begin at 12 pm GMT on August 6th and end 12 pm on August 7th. The competition will also have a theme or a topic: it could be sadness, city life, etc. Your task will be to write a text within the topic in 24 hours. How you interpret the topic and whether you want to use it as a theme, frame, or something secondary in your story is up to you, as long as you write something!


When the 24 hours are up, you may not edit your stories at all! Not even a comma! We will be reading all of your stories and picking a winner - just like any other competition :-)


So that is what this future competition is about, the final details must wait until the competition day, yay.

So what do you say - are you all ready?!


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