Book Review of the novel 'After' by Anna Todd

Book Review of 'After' by Anna Todd

a review written by movellian Emma HG


The Story

Tessa Young is a girl who always does the right thing. She has a sweet boyfriend, a mom who is always there for her, and she gets good grades in school. Now Tessa is going to college, and unfortunately things are not going the way Tessa expected. Her roommate is a girl with piercings and tattoos all over her body. Everything Tessa hates. 


One day Tessa meet a boy she will never forget. Hardin Scott. Hardin is anything but sweet. He is the demon of all demons. Turns out Tessa and Hardin hate each other. Can it become a beautiful friendship? While Hardin turns Tessa ́s life upside down, she realizes that she is going to have to make some decisions that will change her life. Will it be worth it?


What did I think about the book?

I loved the book! However, it can be a little drawn ­out while you're reading it, but it's worth it! I love that you can relate to some of the problems the characters have. I can see a little bit of myself in Tessa and her decisions in life. I first read the book in English and then in Danish. It was a challenge for me to know the names, because it was a fanfiction first. You can find the book in bookstores and on Amazon! 


You won't notice the change of names if you haven’t already read the “original” book. I found some miss-spellings in the Danish version, which is a little annoying. The story itself is good, it feels like you are a part of the story when you read it, and I like that a lot! All the different things that the characters go through in the book really touches you. I can't promise that you aren’t going to cry ;-­)


The After­ Series

Anna Todd has written a whole series about After. The books were first in English, then the series was translated into many other languages all over the world. 


After was first written as a fanfiction about One Direction, (with Harry Styles in the lead role) and now they made the book with whole new names to the characters. You can buy the book series in almost every bookstore.


My thoughts

I give After 4 out of 5 stars. The bottom line, it's a great book. You quickly see all of the consequences, which happens when you give too many chances to people. I have to say that this book isn’t for people under 13 years old. There is violence and sex in the book, which can be too much for some people.


The book “only” gets 4 stars from me just because the story can be a little drawn-out, which can be exhausting to read.


      4 out of 5


So if you don’t know what to read, you should read After. After all, what would you say to a movella turned novel? It at least would be worth the read...


All love,



Thank you to Emma HG for writing this book review


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