Im Back!

by , Wednesday September 28, 2016
 Im Back!

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Hey! I'm back! although probably a lot fo you didn't even notice lol. I just got really busy with school that I just kinda never really had time to write anymore.  But I'm going to start again, or atleast try to, even if it's not alot.  I'm in college now and majoring in English: Creative Writing, so it would probably be in my best interest to being it again.  i've onestly missed it so much, that now i feel so relieved.

I'm currently working on a story and it should be posted soon, but I have yet to come up with a title and cover for it.  Hope you guys will like it and for the books I have posted and published right ow, I highly dound that they will eb continued becuase I have lost all inpiration on coninuing them and I have lost where I wanted to go with them So my apologies fro that.

I can take some requests to get myself back into the writing rythm.  I can do almost about anything, or I can try lol.  But just a heads up, I mostly do romance na dfnatasy and like mythical creatures such as wereolves and stuff.  Hope you guys won' mind.

Also, for those who don't know me.  I'm MJ. I attend ASU and i am currently 18 years of age.  I love the color blue.  I lovemakeup (i barely got into it and for a biginner I would say my make up skills are pretty decent).  So if you wanna hit me up we can talk about make up lol. Um, I love anime.  I have recently not watched anything and it's all because of stupid school.  Ew. lol.  But if any of yu have any recomendations that would be appreciated.  I love reading yaoi, so again if you wanna hit me up, we can tlak about yaoi.  I hate ature, and nature hates me so that's a mutal thing.  I don't really like pets.  I love the movies The Little Mermaid and The Lion King.  

So yeah, I look forward to maing some new friends on this site and beign able toshare wth you my passion for writing.  And I hope that you all ove my stories and that they keep you entertained.

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