Everything Christmas Feature Week

by , Monday December 19, 2016
Everything Christmas Feature Week

Everything Christmas Feature Week

As this festive feature week begins, we invite you all to celebrate the holidays Movellas-style with us



It's almost Christmas, and what better way to prepare for it then to have a feature week on Movellas?! This week, we're celebrating everything that's awesome about the holidays. 


There will be a jolly lineup of blogs coming your way this week as we start the celebration early.


When the present-unwrapping is done and you find yourselves with some extra time on your hands and want to work on your writing :) remember that we have Christmas competition you can still enter stories in after the 25th, assuming the merriment allows for it ;)


We don't want to give everything away as, like with Christmas, it's better if you don't know what all the presents are before the unwrapping begins, but consider this week a nice warm up to the coming holidays with blogs looking at why it is why love this occassion so, the different ways it's celebrated, and some other themed reading that's worth the wait.


So we wish you all a wintery week, good luck with what's left of the holiday decorating, and have fun until Christmas finally arrives!  

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