Christmas Celebrations Around the World!

by , Wednesday December 21, 2016
Christmas Celebrations Around the World!

Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Find out what form the merriment takes in different places on the globe


I’m sure there are many of you from different parts of the world, and many countries celebrate Christmas differently! So this blog will tell you all about how Christmas is celebrated around the world :)


New Zealand: Christmas falls in the Summer for New Zealand, that means there is no typical ‘white christmas.’ But it would be nice to get some nice sunny days. New Zealanders tend to follow the Christmas tradition by putting up a Christmas tree, having a family lunch or dinner, and spending time with family. There are also a few ‘Santa Parades’ held around the country to spread the jolly vibes!

USA: I’ve seen many movies set in America with so many lights decorated around houses, and I’m sure that must be true! Both inside and outside are well decorated to celebrate Christmas, families get together to have a traditional roast turkey and cranberry sauce! Or a honey-glazed ham. Children also tend to leave a glass of milk and a plate of cookies near the Christmas tree for Santa to gulp down. 

Germany: Christmas trees are quite important in Germany, as the tradition was invented in Germany. They also use an Adventskalender (Advent calendar) to help count the days left to Christmas. Some calendars have christmas scenes behind the windows and some (more recently) have chocolates. There are also many vibrant christmas markets and Germans eat many delicacies such as Lebkuchen, Christstollen, and Dresdenstollen. Advent plays an important part in German traditions. Families set up Advent wreaths in preparation for the ‘Christ Child’s’ birthday on December 25th. 

India: There are many lights, bright colours, and markets during Christmas. Small gifts are exchanged, and sweets are given to children to celebrate the festive season. Traditional Indian food is also shared around at the Christmas time, and some families put up a Christmas tree, get together with extended family, and celebrate. 


How do you celebrate Christmas in your country? Is it different than the tradition? Comment below!

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