Unwrapping the Christmas Spirit

by , Friday December 23, 2016
Unwrapping the Christmas Spirit

Unwrapping the Christmas Spirit

Did you know the movie Elf can explain all the great things we love about Christmas?


We all love Christmas. Maybe we don't know why we love it, but we know that we do. There's something that happens to all of us, a pep in our step that we pick up in December. And what's even magical about this dark month? Not a whole lot but that white Christmassy stuff we call snow. And for some, the magic is elusive and the snow never comes. But what we all know is that Christmas is when we spend time with the ones we love. Sure, there's a tree, presents, and a feast of some sort and these all make up the celebration that's got everyone excited.


What's so special about this blessed holiday? A lot. If I was a bit more clever, I would conjecture things between the body's natural chemistry and the ultra good vibes coming off eggnog, candy canes, and all those unwrapped gifts - but instead I will explain the things we love about Christmas using one of my favorite holiday movies, Elf. If there's one thing we know about this movie, is that it seems to explain everything wonderful about this time of year.


Give me a chance to explain :) I even have some points...


The Big Man


He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, and we've been assured he is both jolly and merry. From experience, we've nothing to fear from him coming to town ;)


But seriously, Christmas wouldn't be same without this well-intentioned old man. Children everywhere are excited on Christmas Eve because of this guy, and with all that work he must have to do, he might as well be a magician. And the excitement in the air over all of this is almost too much to bear.


It's Happiness


We all seem to be happier this time of year because we get to see and spend time with our family and friends. It's not just cliché, it's what makes Christmas so delightful - that everyone is coming home for it! 


Often enough we are left feeling very grateful for everything we have. Forgive me if I speak for everyone, but this season has a certain ring of happiness to it. Elf knew this and he really didn't need an excuse to be excited for Christmas and happy all the while knowing it was on its way. We all should find ourselves smiling a bit more these days, even if it's for different reasons.


The Expectactation


When I was a kid, the anticipation of Christmas was as exciting as Christmas itself. It took forever, and you had time to get in the spirit. Time to examine the presents under the tree and wonder and wish, and still be surprised at what Santa delivered Christmas Eve. 

We may find ourselves with some degree of expectation because Santa is coming, after all, and who knows what he'll bring us (depending on how good we were this year movellians:) But the excitement has a power in itself. We anticipate this wonderful day when are racing towards it, until it races by us in 24 hours, no less.


Planning for Fun


These things really go hand in hand. It's not just about how exciting the holidays are, it's also about how you plan for it. Some of us are organized and have a ritual of movies to watch or meals to make together. If you're like me, then you run around while your plan goes down in flames and figure it all out wonderfully anyway ;)


What does it matter? You'll all be together. Anything could happen. And good things are on their way, it's in the nature of the season.


The Feast


This is the least gross gif from the movie to express the feasting that's a part of Christmas. As you can see, Elf has adopted the sweet tooth approach to the holiday season... 


What we all know is that Christmas involves a lot of eating. It's not just because we do this feasting with people we like or care about, it's also because it involves some seriously good food. No matter what it is, this season promises a meal you leave full from, and we all could use more of that in the wintertime ;)


The Love


We all love Santa, and someone who takes the time and energy to hand delivers gifts to our living rooms most definitely loves us ;)


And this is the real gift of Christmas, this is what we're all actually feeling <3 It's getting presents and eating food that makes you happy, and mostly feeling how loved you are by those who chose to spend their holidays with you. It's deep, man. But that's Christmas. Feel the love this season because this holiday is fleeting, as are the cookies ;)


Our Traditions

Oh there are a lot of these. Most we love, some are strange. Whatever your holiday celebration includes, I'm sure there are some traditions within it. Depending on your religious and/or cultural heritage too, you have some other traditions that are a part of this and it's all gravy, baby. These things are important because it's how we choose to celebrate the season.


It's About the Cheer


You've heard it before, Christmas cheer. To Scrooge, this concept was an expensive notion for fools and idiots. To the rest of us, it's about spreading it. Luckily with Christmas, there are options. There's gifts, there's singing our favorite Christmas songs (playing on a loop, endlessly the entire month;) and just the mere mention of "Christmas cheer" seems to elicit a sleigh bell sound. We can have it, we can give it, we can spread it, we can sing it - no matter your preference this season, it would make sense that if you're feeling awesome about the fact that it's almost Christmas, then you're the perfect person to share the cheer too.


The Elves

Oh, don't get me started on these guys. We don't know what to make of elves, hence the fascination, but it's just nice to know that Santa isn't tasked with this whole ordeal himself, he has little helpers 


Where I live, the elves are a magical world of their own, they leave the presents, and if you're not good, they will play tricks on you. I wish I was joking. And while this elfish business gives me the heebie jeebies, they are spreading the cheer in their own unique way. And every time something is missing or broken, or spilled...I'm looking around me suspiciously thinking, was it them? ;)


Be Present


Another cliché, there's some simple motivations underlying this holiday season. Those who love you are going to try and be with you and all the love may make you want to gag, but it's genuine so be present and enjoy it because it's definitely worth enjoying, friends <3


This Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful day, night, and weekend because there's some magic in store for all of us, and it's just days away...


Happy Holidays, from Elf and all of us at Movellas.

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