Top 5 Vampire Stories to Read on Movellas

by , Saturday December 31, 2016
Top 5 Vampire Stories to Read on Movellas

Top 5 Vampire Stories to Read on Movellas

Wondering what movella to sink your teeth into next? Look no further...


Why hello there. C’mon, keep reading. I don’t bite ;)


After much searching, I've come across the top five vampire stories here to read on Movellas! This is just a list of recommendations of course and if there are some good ones missing here - please comment them below!


Depending on what kind of vampire lore you're into, there's a story here to go with them all, and then some. We love the creative genius that's awakened when our movellians write stories about vampires.




1. The Corpse Hopped at Midnight

by N. S. Jones 


“Looking down at the corpse beneath me, I was filled with nothing but revulsion. He was such a pathetic man, and an even more pathetic lover.”


Intrigued? I am. It’s already been added to my favourites list. ‘Nuff said.




2. Vampires & Hunters: Beginning

by Myla.Lastivka


“The blackness around was being illuminated with formless fire ghosts, which were flickering on wandering torches like restless souls of the dead.”


Vampires, romance, and it’s set in the 1800s? Count me in!


This movella tells the story of living, breathing vampires who would just like to share the world with humans.




3. Those Who Kill for Love

by Ashlee Renee


“The cold air crept over me and traced down my spine, I brushed both of my hands back through my hair, pulling it back as I let tears stream down my cheeks.”


After someone important to Avery is killed, she seeks revenge on his murderer. I wonder what’ll happen next?




4. Christmas Tales from the Vampire

by Fire, Water, Earth, Air


“I wiped the sweat from my brow as I dug the shovel back into the rock hard earth. It was Christmas time once again in Colorado and it was cold at night. Sadly night is the only time that I can come out.”


Although Christmas has just been, don’t let that stop you from reading this movella about a bloodbath that brings four different groups together.




5. Her Torturers

by BloodWolf202 


“My mom and I had just finished making dinner for my dad and us. My dad had been out trying to steal the necessary things that we would need to survive. That's how our life has always been. My mom is a hybrid of Werewolf and Wendigo and my dad is a hybrid of Dragon and Vampire. So guess what that makes me.”


More than just a vampire movella, this story combines four of the best supernatural creatures – werewolves, wendigos, dragons, and vampires. Alice is a hybrid of all four, making her a target for the leaders of the world. And you won't believe what happens next...



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