weird things

by , Wednesday January 25, 2017
weird things

Love in high school



Anyone else have or has a crush in high schol that you have class with or your friends hang out together. Well that was me. My best friend and this guy (kyle) mess around with me and this kid (Robby) and say that we date and that he likes me and the whole shibang. Well after a good month of this and mind you Robby blushed and he never denied me. SO I thought they were telling the truth and started to let my heart catch feelings for him. So at lunch my best friend ask me if I like Robby or not. Me being me I said yeah. Little did I know she planned on telling him that I like him. She told him then I freaked and said "What if they start laughing at me and they mess with my feelings?" so she told me to tell them that you can do better than him then walk away. So next class I have 2 of Robby's friends and they just ask me a million questions. and gave me his snap chat and tried to give me his number. But I feaked and said " I can do better than any boy in this school." Dumb,right! So now I have all the kids in my class asking me what happen and everything. The worst thing out of all of this is that I have NO IDEA IF ROBBY LIKES ME BACK OR NOT! so please comment or post on mumble me with your High school or middle school crush. 

Love you guys! BYE

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