by , Thursday May 25, 2017


​Do you lik it?

   School. For me at least, it's a living hell. Teachers telling me what to do just pisses me off. People make me extremely outraged. I mean come on, who actually likes doing work at school that you may never use?

   I can understand why we “have to” learn some things. Although other things that we end up learning, we’ll never use. Like unless you're going to be a scientist, teacher, or historian. Who needs to learn most of the things that they teach you?

   Do you know how many people who haven't had to go to school to get somewhere in life? Some of the biggest youtubers haven't actually had to use the stuff they learned in school. I can understand some math because you'll have to use it. But people don't teach us about the law! Why?

   And school puts stress on teenagers. Only for them to learn meaningless junk. Besides people getting bullied teenagers get pressured into having to do school work.

   What do you think about this?

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