The Truth About Community College

Why Does No One Talk About Community College?

Everyone talks about college and what it's like living within walking distance of all your friends and joining fraternities and sororities and all the huge house parties and such. But what do they tell you about community college? All I knew before I actually attended one is what I've seen on the show 'Community', and trust me, I wasn't the only one sad when we realized we don't get to have campus-wide paintball fights every year.


First I'd like to start off by saying there is no shame in attending a community college like some people think. There are so many reasons people go to them:

-Want to get their General Education classes for less than $100 a credit hour compared to going to a university and paying $250 a credit hour on the low end.

-The degree they wanted wasn't offered at 'real colleges' 

-They can't afford to attend a university

-They work the flexibility of community college fits into their life schedule better

-All they need is a certificate in something to get a job in something else


The reasons I chose to go to a community college is because of the field I wanted to go into which is Baking and Pastry. The other things I narrowed my options to were Early Childhood Education (focused on In-Home Care such as a nanny), and then writing, but realistically I didn't think I'd ever have a true, successful future in writing so I've put that one on the back burner for right now.

I could've found something that put me into a university, but that's not what my heart was telling me so that's not what I did, and as soon as I walked through the building that I would soon grow to know and love, I decided it was for me.

To give you some background on myself, I had extreme social anxiety as a teenager, to the point I dropped out of high school twice before finishing up online because I couldn't stand to be around people. With the help of my family and a psychiatrist who put me on some wonderful medication, I overcame the anxiety that had taken over my life.

I missed out on the high school experience, so when I saw the classrooms, and I said classrooms, not lecture halls, I knew that this was for me. I was small room setting, I've taken General Education classes and there were no more than 20 people in there compared to a 'real college' where there could very well have been 200.

The one-on-one help I have received when I needed it was fantastic. I always understood everything by the end of the school quarter because if I was having trouble with something, the teacher would take as much time as necessary to make sure I understood because they genuinely cared about me and every one of their students.

The best thing about community colleges are the people. It's like going to a theme park because there's every age, race, gender, and personality out there.

At the end of my first quarter, which ended exactly one year ago today (12-14-16), my friend group consisted of a 54-year-old man named Courtney, a 47-year-old guy we nicknamed 'MikeDad', and then three girls who were fresh out of high school like myself.

Now, after my fifth quarter of college which I took my finals for earlier today, my friend group consists of MikeDad who comes to support my friends and me whenever we invite him to something we're doing (like our dessert buffet we had yesterday) even though he's already graduated college. Two of the three girls in my group have stayed the same and one of those girls has turned into the best friend I've ever had. One of the original girls went off and joined the Marines and is currently stationed in Japan, and then we've added to other girls that are around my age too. Courtney ended up going to prison for something, I'm not 100% sure what it was but I'd rather just leave that in the past because hey, it's community college, anything can happen.

I know that you don't live in dorms with your friends, and you can't walk to class every day, and there's no such thing as fraternities and sororities and giant house parties when you go to a community college, but the other experiences you get, the life lessons you learn, and the friends you make are what makes community college's a magical place to be.


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