New Releases in the Audio Stories Project

by , Sunday July 29, 2018
New Releases in the Audio Stories Project

Seen the newly released Audio Stories?



It's been an exciting whirlwind of writing and listening with the audio project, and while Summer is still in full swing, we wanted to send out an update. You all likely noticed the activity and different releases since the official launch of the Audio Stories project over a year ago and we're very proud of the stories and the success they have garnered here on Movellas, Spotify, and beyond.


Now you can find a Summer collection of newly released stories and additional episodes from our favorite movellas. These will of course remain on Movellas on the Audio page and forever be available on Spotify so if you haven't heard any of them yet, be sure to check it out because there are some seriously awesome ones.


We're psyched to see how this will be received as we move ahead. Thank you again to all the writers in the project and their amazing stories, we consider these authors among the forerunners in the audio arena of literature that's clearly on the rise :)

We hope you are all ready to enjoy what's left of an awesome Summer! It's the perfect time to put on your headphones and listen to those remaining episodes & newly released audio stories...


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