Winners of the Movellas-Inspired Fanfiction Competition!

Winners of the Movellas-Inspired Fanfiction Competition

We've read the stories from this creative competition - now hear more about the winners and their entries!



It's been an entire season since this competition began, and while it's Summer and many of us are relaxing, there's no better time to announce the winners. This was one of the more challenging competitions as participants had to write or design a movella inspired by a fanfiction already on Movellas :) Becuse of this difficulty, the entries were quite unique and wonderfully good stories in their own right. However, we had to pick just three winners so, after much anticipation, we're pleased to be making the announcement as these writers and designers are among the best to be found in this community of ours.


Continue to write and update your newly-minted fanfics as it's not just the Movellas Team who are interested in where these stories will go - but also the movellians who came up with the original stories that served as inspiration. Winners will receive papellas of their choice and for best cover, a Movellas-themed surprise. We hope you liked this competition on Movellas - thank you to those who joined in the challenge! Your Movellas-inspired fanfics are the perfect thing to update on break this Summer!


Best Story

Something Worth Living For by the force of storms




Runner Up

Flygtning by Squonk of the Nightshade




Best Cover

Expelled in Sixty Seconds by BadassJem



Also worth having a look at are the worthy mentions from the competition, so here's an action adventure story you don't want to miss and some great themed covers for movellas you already know and love...


Titans by Mistopia


Alternate Covers by W0lverine




Winners will be contacted by email

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