Movellys Winners 2017: The Intelligence Division

by , Wednesday September 12, 2018
Movellys Winners 2017: The Intelligence Division

Movellys Winners 2017: Interview with The Intelligence Division

The awards ceremony ended a while back but we still want to talk more about the winners... 


And the Ambassador of the Year is…


the force of storms interviews The Intelligence Division


I’m proud to announce that the Ambassador of the Year is The Intelligence Division! Below, you can find my interview with this amazing writer and creator.



Who are you and what do you write?

I'm a student from the UK, and I write stories that entertain. I write to entertain, or possibly convey a philosophy. I'm especially fond of taking the fantastic and imposing it into the real world. I want to take my readers and introduce them to situations they'd never experience otherwise, seen through the eyes of people they could easily come to meet, or not.


When it comes to characters, I like to juxtapose those two things, but not in ways one would typically expect. Other authors in the genres I like to write have a lot to say about clueless, relatable characters introduced into conflict with, and often by unrelatable, fantastic characters so that the readers may 'grow' into the author's unrelatable world with their underdog. I don't believe in this approach. Though I do appreciate it has its uses, I want readers to form their own views of my worlds.


What are you currently working on?

I'm currently in the process of creating material for 'The Quantum Sweep'. 'The Quantum Sweep' is an art collective created by me and a few friends. We attempt to bridge the gap between 'high' art styles and the current 'new folk' cultures that have recently sprung up from the internet. Usually, I create: one video; one piece of music; one serial episode; for the collective's ongoing story every week, in addition to maintaining social media, various extra collaborations and managing/assisting the other members of the group. Oh, and studying for a degree full-time, regular volunteering, maintaining a social life and staying alive.


What is your favourite thing you've finished to date?

Most proud of: Probably the various parts of The Quantum Sweep season 1 (Devizes EP and serial, Ayres/Fleur EP and serial). Favourite: It's got to be my track 'Humphrey The Wonderedog'. I'm so sorry, but it is so silly/so much fun/so outside of everything else I make.


How did you find and why do you like Movellas?

I found Movellas because of the 'Project Remix' competition back like, ages ago. Such a mixed media competition was the first real chance I'd ever had to put what was at the time just a little hunch that 'this media-blending/screw-uppery could be useful one day' to the test. I learnt a lot in creating my entry and decided to hang around. I hung around mostly for the nice people, the quality of the work, the rather relaxed/non-competitive environment which I so often found in other creative communities. In addition, (rather ironically) the really good competitions that Movellas has always and continues to host.


What are you currently reading?

Currently I'm listening to a lot of music by Aleksander Vinter/Savant. I simultaneously love it and hate it, but mostly love it, and according to my interpretations of Vinter's own creative philosophies/experiences such music is where one tends to find their most useful inspiration. Everyone will have their own musicians for whom this applies - I would recommend you go out of your way to find new and weird things that you don't expect to like, and you'll surely find some awesome things. Of course, I'd also recommend you read the work I wrote to go alongside music alongside that music, though of course that is completely optional according to whether or not you like to listen to music when you're reading.


What's some background to why you do what you do, and what do you do it for?

Since a young age, I have regularly experienced slightly crazy so-called 'epic dreams' that take the form of highly arresting narratives, usually with partially formed characters and plot. I write all of these down, and from these alone I already have too many stories to do justice to in a single lifetime. I try and express these stories, their derivatives, plus others I devise when awake through any and every method that I can. Life doesn't take place through one sense - I want to engage people in the manner described previously in answer to question 1 - I do this as my life/my dreams do for me in many media. A lot of people find this really quite odd.


Though I am by some descriptions a 'jack of all trades and master of none', I make up for this by being an unusual 'jack'. I tend to adhere to a so-called 'hacker' mentality in my work, that demands that I push my tools above and beyond their originally intended limits. Through this I am at least able to feign actually being any good, while in the meantime, people get hooked on the story and pass the rest off as eccentricity!


Do you have any longer-term ambitions for the future?

I want a creative career, though I don't really like the look of the creative industries at the moment. As such, I have begun to learn the basics of business theory and have started looking into entrepreneurship. The Quantum Sweep business model has been designed to be: - incapable of falling through - a new, fair, replicable way of approaching the monetization of art that requires no investment beyond work and commitment - A sandbox experience that I/we can either continue indefinitely or drop once we figure we've learnt enough from it. My long-term ambition though is to take a version of this model and turn it into a sustainable source of a comfortable income, so that I can continue to do what I love on my own terms for... well...forever, as far as forever may or may not be applicable.


What do you enjoy most about being an ambassador?

The people. Working with them, working to help them, working to entertain them. I really love creating the Movellys videos, which I've done twice now. Each time I've tried ideas or formats within the medium of video that are new to me and being an ambassador has given me the opportunity to do more of this! In addition, internet collaboration is like, the coolest thing ever and I love it so much! Collaborating widely and internationally with each person adding their own unique flair is so exciting, and I've learnt so much every time I've done it. This love comes completely and utterly from the amazing people who I get to do it with.


What changes do you want to make, or what do you want to work towards for the community?

It's hard really to suggest anything, though if I could change anything I'd somehow magically even out the gender imbalance and increase the diversity of genres that reach the front page/popularity more generally. Movellas loves romance! For me personally, while romance is a highly important aspect of most stories in one way or another, I simply cannot fathom how a story can revolve exclusively around it. This said, I respect everyone who can do it - I certainly could not do that! My friends joke that I have to have spies and aliens and alien spies and big black trench coats in my writing else I get bored - which just to be clear is becoming ever less the case, but anyway... I think that a wider variety of styles and genres should reach the front page, as stories to which romance is highly central are in my opinion over-represented - on the front page and in the new audio stories.


Is there anything about the community that inspires you?

Interestingly, the romance. The users of this site are often unnervingly capable of conveying highly complex emotions and themes in their work in ways that I could never dream of following. You may have gathered my work is fun, for primarily entertainment purposes and usually quite fantastical. Some people call this attitude old fashioned or narrow... this isn't the issue I'm trying to discuss right now, though I will say that I defend this attitude in debate hotly, anyway... You guys (I can say 'you guys', right?) are remarkable in creating these emotions I can sometimes barely begin to fathom. I'll point out that such writing doesn't always necessarily emerge in romance, though from what I've seen it is the most common in romantic stories.


Anything you'd like to promote?

The Quantum Sweep! (Bandcamp / Blog / Twitter)


We're currently attempting to make a bit of extra income from selling our composition services, so if you or anyone you know needs music for a project, or to help them better understand their characters when planning their writing, get three composers working on it for a fraction of the price of one, also we offer discounts of up to 100% for actively publishing content creators in return for shout-outs, credits, and the like.


We just love doing what we do, and we'd really appreciate people checking out our work and telling us what they think of what we do/things we've done and most importantly sharing us around with other people! Even if you hate it, share it with someone who you think will disagree with you, or agree with you, then have a cool arty discussion about why you feel how you do - it can only lead to really awesome things. In addition, we're always open for collaborations!


Thank you for all your writing and hard work for our community, @The Intelligence Division, may there be more to come 😊


Thanks also to the force of storms for conducting this interview and Chrissy Sky for creating the banner

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