by , Friday June 28, 2019
F I V E  Y E A R S


Five years!

Five years on Movellas.


That’s crazy, honestly.


I feel like Movellas has been such a life changer for me. When I joined, I was fourteen, nearly fifteen, and all I knew was that I liked writing. I grew, found myself helping Georgia, the community manager when I joined, with blogs (a Lord of the Rings one, to start off with), and even competitions – I think the one about the Snowflake Method was the first one I helped with. I had found a liking for graphic design, and a friend had even hooked me up with a “free” version of Photoshop (not legal, of course), but it was so big and scary I barely touched it. I’m not going to lie, the banners I made for that competition were done in Powerpoint, and I tried so hard to keep everything legal for Movellas to use, because my knowledge of copyright law was so limited.


That kicked it all off. I started to get more and more involved with helping out the website, judging competitions, relaying feedback. When I interned with Movellas it was probably the happiest day of my life. I got so much done, and felt so valued, that I was sad to leave. My sister had started her internship, though, so I knew Movellas would be alright. 


Without Movellas, I wouldn’t be going down the career path that I am not. I wouldn’t be starting this new job, going to the university I’m going to, or even have found out how much I love graphic design. I’d be going to university in Wellington, studying writing and probably philosophy. Socrates and Plato would be my day to day, not smart guides and Typekit. 


I hope to see Movellas go back to its beginnings. I love this website, and I love what it represents.


Thank you, Movellas.


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