Twilight Ends Here

by , Wednesday October 31, 2012
Twilight Ends Here

Twilight is ending this month, but it doesn't have to end like that...


The release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 spells an end for Twilight. No more Team Edward or Team Jacob, no more hot vampires and topless werewolves. Most of you already know the ending (because you read books more than you watch films, right!?), but we're pretty sure there's quite a lot of imaginative Twilight fans who saw something else happening. 


This is your chance to write the ending that you wanted and win prizes at the same time! Perhaps Bella died in the first book (we know a lot of you wouldn't have minded that!) and was replaced by someone with a similar name to you.. or maybe the Team Edward/Jacob debate ended a little differently.. 



Write a movella over the next month of any length and get all of your friends and family to vote for your story by liking and favouriting it. In December, our panel of judges will read the entries and look at the stories with the most likes to find a winner for our awesome prizes: 



1st) A Twilight skin (see above) for your computer, iPad, tablet, iPhone or smartphone.

2nd) If you are Team Jacob THIS; if Team Edward THIS.  

3rd) If you are Team Jacob THIS; if Team Edward THIS.  


Good luck!

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