The Crossover Contest

by , Friday November 16, 2012
The Crossover Contest

Ever wondered how Harry would hold up in the Reaping? or how Percy Jackson would manage at Hogwarts? what about Team Twilight vs Team Vampire Diaries or Batman vs Spiderman? the Doctor appearing in a 'galaxy far far away'? It is all possible in our latest competition!   


This is your chance to take your favourite characters, your favourite books or films, your favourite worlds, your favourite story lines - mix them up, give them a shake, throw in some twists and come out with something incredible!


This is the first Movellas crossover contest and your chance to get really creative. We will be choosing the winning entries based on how well the two (or more!) elements of your crossover mix, how imaginative you were in combining them, as well as the quality of writing, style and plot. As ever, likes and favourites will be used to help produce a shortlist, but all entries will be read by the Movellas team. 


Your entry can be any length and can come in any form. The only rule is that there is some element of the crossover in your entry. The competition will close on January 10th, so get your entries in pretty soon and start crafting something amazing. 


The prizes for this contest are pretty awesome: the winner will receive merchandise from both of the sources in their story! Two runners-up will get a cool pack of movellas stickers.


What are you waiting for? Vampires are battling Stormtroopers in the grounds of Hogwarts and James Bond only has a few minutes to stop it.. Get writing!   

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