Movellas Fanzine Competition

by , Wednesday October 28, 2015
Movellas Fanzine Competition


For the fans, by the fans


A fanzine is exactly what it sounds like - a magazine created by fans. A fanzine can cover a wide topic, such as a literary genre or a music genre, or it can focus on a band or celebrities. This type of media is a nice mix between journalism, graphic design, and fangirling, which is why this new competition on Movellas is just perfect for you creative and multitalented Movellians! Normally, a fanzine would be published monthly, but as we've always done on Movellas, these fanzines will be updated as they're being created!


The Competition

- Create and maintain a fanzine on any literary/music/film/TV genre, band, celebrity, or fictional universe. (Must be updated at least once a week for duration of competition)

- Create a cover for a fanzine

- Create a video fanzine for a genre, band, or celebrity



The Prizes

1st place - iTunes or Amazon giftcard 50 USD
2 Runners up- iTunes or Amazon giftcard 25 USD
Best cover: iTunes or Amazon giftcard 25 USD
Best video: iTunes or Amazon giftcard 25 USD


The Details

- Fanzine must be updated at least once a week for duration of competition.

- Video entries may be submitted in parts or as a whole piece at the end of the competition. (In other words, do not need to be updated every week)

- Multiple entries allowed, but must be entered as separate movellas. 

- If submitting a fanzine cover entry, this cover can also be used as your fanzine entry's cover, so long as you submit the cover and fanzine separately as well. 

- Co authored entries not allowed

- Fanzine must be tagged with the keywords "fanzine" + the subject your covering

- The fictional universe can be of your own creation or an already existing fictional universe (i.e., Harry Potter or Supernatural fanzine)



Competition ends December 21th 23:00 GMT - 16:00 PST


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