A Tribute to Stan Lee - A Writing Competition

by , Thursday December 20, 2018
A Tribute to Stan Lee - A Writing Competition

It's time to honor the man behind Marvel

And with the release of the new 'Avengers' trailer, we only feel that it is appropriate to launch a competition based on superheroes



On November 12th 2018, the world lost one of the most significant comic book writers to have ever lived. He's gifted us with the story of Spider-Man, X-Men, and many more - stories that have made us laugh, cry, and sit in anticipation of finding out whether the good guy manages to take out the villain. It seems to be an unwritten rule that the superhero always wins at the end of the day, and this is also true for the life of Lee, as he managed to win over hearts from all over the world. He truly was a remarkable human being who helped enrich many of our childhood fantasies. By opening up an entire universe, he allowed us to escape to a different reality and still manages to entertain people in all age groups - including myself. That's why we've chosen to launch a competiton to honor his life. 


How to participate

Write a story based on the superhero Dirt-Man. Stan Lee was working on creating a new superhero called Dirt-Man before his passing. We'd like you to write a story, in which this superhero is your main character. It is entirely up to you what he looks like, what his superpower is, and what challenges he has to overcome - as long as it makes sense to name him Dirt-Man. 

Write a story, in which the superhero doesn't win. Take a spin on the classic rule of the good guy always defeating the bad guy. Whether you choose to take an already-exisiting superhero or creating your own, is completely up to you. 

Write a story based on the title of 'Avengers 4'. It has been revealed that the fourth movie will be called "The End Game." Focus on any one of the characters from the Marvel universe and write his/her last chapter, depicting how he/she will retire as a superhero.



Best story will receive a $15 Amazon gift card and two cinema tickets that can be used to watch the new 'Avengers' movie when it comes out

Runner up will receive two cinema tickets



Open globally

Multiple entries allowed

You may not update your entry/movella once the competition deadline has passed.

You may not use the same movella in future competitions.

You may not use a movella that has already been published in other competitions.

Check out the Competition FAQs for more!
The competition deadline is Friday, March 1 2019 (20:00 PST)
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Important dates

Start date
Thursday December 20, 2018
End date
Friday March 1, 2019