New Beginnings: A Poetry Competition

New Beginnings: A Poetry Writing Competition 

Find your inner poet and write yourself a new beginning


Recently we’ve entered not only a new year but a new decade. The new twenties. This means new dreams, new hopes and new beginnings too. With poetry, you can create a new language. Something beautiful, ugly, or ambiguous. You can provoke. Make people smile, or cry, or think.


Poetry can be scary too though. We tend to think that poetry is hard to understand and even harder to write - and while that can be true, it’s also not. Poetry can be anything and it’s as diverse as the people writing it. The Spoken Word performer Sarah Kay addresses this in her Ted Talk “If I should have a daughter ...” where she talks about how she tricks her students into writing poetry by assigning them lists instead of poems. Whether you are a veteran in the art of poetry or you’ve barely ever written a poem before, this is your chance to write your way into the new decade with a beautiful bang. 




How to Participate​

​To enter the competition you must write either a single poem or a collection of poems based on one of the options below. If you choose to write a collection of poems, they must all still fulfill the option and will be judged as a whole:


1. Write a poem about new beginnings. 

This option is fairly simple; write a poem that is inspired by new beginnings. How you choose to interpret this is entirely up to you.  


2. Write a poem that opens with the line: “I still remember when …” 

Looking back can be a way of way of healing but it can also mean that you’re holding onto something you really shouldn’t. For this option you must write a poem that opens with the line: “I still remember when …” but after that you can take it wherever you want. 


3. Write a poem with the same structure as a list.

With a list you already have a set structure. We all know how to write lists. You decide how long you want the list to be and what it should be about. You may add numbers, but you don’t have to. However, if you poem is called “Nine reasons why we broke up” it should still be easy to pinpoint all nine reasons without having them numbered. 


You may be inspired by this famous scene from 10 things I Hate about You or the Poem “34 excuses for why we failed at love” by Warsan Shire.



Winning stories will be shared on Movellas' social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ etc.)


1st Place will receive a copy of A Poem for Every Night of the Year edited by Allie Esiri + The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo 


2nd Place will receive A Poem for Every Night of the Year edited by Allie Esiri. 

3rd place will receive The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo



Open globally

Multiple entries allowed (limit - 3)

No co-author entries

You may not update your entry/movella once the competition deadline has passed.

You may not use the same movella in future competitions.

You may not use a movella that has already been published in other competitions.

Check out the Competition FAQs for more...
NOTE: Covers must use resources licensed under CC0, or Public Domain.

The competition ends March 1st, 2020 (20:00 PST)

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