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Created: 17 Dec 13 ● Last updated: 6 years ago

This is a list of great people I have co authored with or that I just think is an amazing person.

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    Such a great girl like a sister to me love her to peices
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    Great girl love her stories
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    Amazing friend couldn't live without her
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    Hi guys. I'm that type of person who gets totally weird, when she's told to write about herself. So I figured, let's not do that! I have a great passion for quotes, and as John Green once said; Maybe our...   
    Amazing friend great as a co-author and just as a friend
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    Hiya guys my name is Charred-Within but you can call me Chelsea. It is very nice to meet you <3 Since your here, why don't you hit that little fan button and make my day. I love writing and my favourite...   
    Practically is a sister to me we are so close we could be the same person. Love this girl you should fan her she is amazing at story writing and such a good friend

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