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Created: 8 Feb 15 ● Last updated: 5 years ago

I just worked out how to make lists, so I'm excited! I'm new, but I've read quite a lot of movellas, so yeah.

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    The Barbie Project

    The Barbie Project

    1 Mar 14

    Three girls - pretty, popular,cool. One school assignment - not of the ordinary kind. Add an out of reach love interest,...    Read more

    Best Realism movella ever. Like, ever. Seriously, don't even doubt it.
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    We are the Damned

    We are the Damned

    by  Le Fox
    5 Jan 15

    'We are the Damned, and we Damn you.' Meet Kear: Deadly, dangerous, and damned for all eternity to live in the Mantle,...    Read more

    A Fantasy movella that the author has clearly put a lot of time and effort into.
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    A Kind of Fairytale

    A Kind of Fairytale

    2 Feb 15

    This is a self-conscious blurb. This blurb is called Bert, and Bert requests you don't read him too intensely please, because...    Read more

    A funny, eccentric movella which, despite being a 'fairytale', is very modern.
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    Waiting For Our Time

    Waiting For Our Time

    by  Prodigy
    30 May 14

    In the future, when Earth's very existence is threatened by a civil war, it is predicted that the fall of Earth would mean...    Read more

    An amazing Scie Fi movella. Seriously, there are no other words to describe it. It's just amazing.
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    Dear John Watson

    Dear John Watson

    20 Jul 14

    Following the events of the Reichenbach Fall, John and Sherlock's time is documented in letters to each other they can never...    Read more

    Okay, I ship myself with John and Sherlock, although I do not ship Johnlock particularly, but this is a really good fan fic.

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