A confession of a life lover

This is a small piece of Eve's story from 'Until death do us part'.
Eve know's death is coming, she's at one with it. Although it's small, this is her confession.

Also, you will soon see that I have added in a few other chapters to this story. Well, they are not in order, they are all just random parts of Eve's story, but i hope you like them, no matter what order they are in. I guess they are a collection of short stories and parts of her life, to make the whole picture and to really give you an understanding of who she is.

Hope that makes sense.
This also goes out to my fans who have urged me to continue this story :D


1. Confessions of a life lover

I know I’m going to die. It’s my time. It’s the way God planned it. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me but I’m not frightened; I’m not afraid. Of course, there are many things that I shall miss, but I shall be taking the most important parts of my life with me. When people ask why I show no fear of death, my answer comes easy, simple.


I no longer loath the cancer that is killing me cell by cell. In many ways I am thankful that it chose me; Cancer has taught me things that no healthy human being could understand. It taught me how to appreciate the little things, how to smile when faced with my darkest demons. Cancer proved to me that love holds more strength than anyone could ever truly realise. Cancer  showed me that life is beautiful, filled with magic and miracles. Love in itself is magic. Life is a miracle.

James is adamant that I am a fighter, that I will pull through… He longs for a miracle of his own. What he doesn’t understand is that a miracle has already happened for me and I am done fighting. My miracle was him. James kept me strong, kept me fighting whenever I felt myself slipping, but it was never my destiny to beat cancer. It’s my time. It’s the way God planned it.


Already, I am sure that I led a good life, filled with love and happiness. Smiles have been shared, kisses given, love has blossomed and life has been rejoiced. I feel like I have been here for a mere moment, but soon I shall be gone for an eternity and there’s no going back now. This is it.

At first, I thought that maybe my purpose in life was to show those many souls battling the same war as me that things could get better, that if you remained strong, if you held tightly enough onto the slithers of hope that lived within you, then things could change; things could get better. However, now I know that I was wrong because for most of us, life doesn’t get better. For most of us, we will never be the fortunate ones, we will loose the war and we will loose our lives. No. My purpose in life wasn’t to give them hope, but to show humanity that in sickness hope could always be found, in death we are never truly forgotten and in life there is always magic waiting to be found… My destiny was to open their eyes.

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