Once Upon A Time

I'm not really one for writing depressing poems, and I like to make people happy so... I think this poem will be a little different to your average 'teenage authored poem'


1. Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time,

When the world was still new,

There once sat a fairy,

And a Unicorn too.

The fairy was gentle, caring and nice,

Whilst the unicorn stood with his eyes full of ice.

The fairy did turn, her heart all aflutter,

And asked in a small voice 'Whatever's the matter?'

To this the unicorn turned and did grunt,

'I'm tired of my horn, if I must be so blunt.'

The fairy then glanced at the horn on his head,

Then laughed to herself, though eventually said,

'If it bothers you so, then please do not fret,

I'll remove it for you, so you will smile yet!'

The Unicorn agreed so the fairy began

To pull and tug as hard as one can.

It took her a while, but with one final push

The horn flew straight off and fell in a bush.

The Unicorn ran to the blue water's rim,

And admired his appearance, so trendy and slim.

He turned to the fairy and said with a smile,

'I can't thank you enough, I love this new style.'

The fairy smiled back, but deep down she could see,

He was no longer a unicorn, so what could he be?

She thought this thought over as the new thing did neigh,

Loudly and proudly as it pranced through the day.

The thing sang so long that his voice did give in,

And that finally helped the fairy begin

To see what this new creature was, oh of course,

Just like his voice, he was simply a horse.

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