Mirror, Mirror on the wall

...will i stand tall or will i fall? Read on to unfold the secrets of teenage girl Scarlett Reed and the pain and sacrifices she will make just to fulfill her dream of being a model and a significant figure in the fashion industry


1. Scattered

"Hello, I am Scarlett Reed, 19 years old; pleased to meet you"

No, Thats not even convincing me. I shook my head warily as I looked down into the sink, infront of the large mirror that hung solumly on my bathroom wall.

Panick and nerves quivered in my pulsing veins as I hovered about, attempting to prepare for my interview. I knew in my heart that I was destined to model, even my name screamed my extravigant beauty.

Scarlett; a deep red like my full veluptuous lips, complimented by my middle name; Bella, meaning beauty. My full name reading; red beauty. That speaks for itself.. love, lust and all that.

My curves that once made my hour-glass figure are now non-existant. I don't have an eating disorder which people asume, I purely lost 3 stone to reach the standards of the fashion industry to have any shot at modeling. In all honesty I dont like my skeletal frame but I am willing to sacrafice anything.

Perfect ringlets of my long auburn hair tickled my narrow waist and my eyebrows furrowed in anxiety over my large emerald eyes. Flawless, ivory skin clung tight, lightly freckled. My manicured nails glistened in the dancing light that seeped through the small window, only a couple of inches higher than myself at 5'9".

Bewildered by the bright lights and on-set drama of the last photo-shoot, I really knew I had to get a grip and stand strong after each knock down from harsh critics. I can't mess this up, this is my dream, my future, my life in the power of my frale hands. Already stressing at the clocks ticking past mid-day and knowing I have to leave at 1pm, I realised I still hadn't chosen an outfit, something that screamed modeling potential, flaunting my figure yet sophisticated and elegent.

Skimming over the 4 outfits I had already put together, I chose my satin, purple, knee length dress that grasped tight in all the right areas with my gorgeous, new and very expensive 5" stilletos. Perfect. I'd be sure to wow them all.

I made sure I went to bed early last night but I couldn't get to sleep, rigiting in my bed, over-whelmed with excitement and fear. Dark shadows circled my eyes, enhancing those of my hollow cheeks. I took 3 deep breaths and splashed my face with ice cold water to awaken my driery self before applying inches of make-up. The more fake, the more beautiful. Modeling is all about lies and deception of beauty but its what I want. My family and friends have given up persuading me not to fall down its dangerous path as they knew it wouldn't change anything. I'm a model no matter what people say and I will do ANYTHING to be successful, even if its life-threatening.


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