Trekløveren er en skildring af vores liv på godt og ondt. Vi vil skrive om alt og intet, om humor og seriøsitet. Men mest a alt om vores tossede eventyr der ofte ender galt.


52. An update that should have happened ages ago


It's been a while hasn't it? 

Five years and then some. 

How time flies. 

I'm sitting in Cambridge writing this for all of you, which is why this is in English. I don't have a Danish keyboard anymore. 

Here are some updates about our lives:

C finished studying for her Bachelors degree. I think she got 12. 

S is currently studying as well, I believe he's currently in Czech Republic?

And me? I moved to a different country to study. Denmark was too constricting with too many memories. I'm predicted to finish my degree with a 1st which is the equivalent of 12. I'm about to move into a house with my other half, which makes us one whole idiot when we're together. We're also in a successful symphonic metal band so that's exciting.

The three of us broke apart, as I'm sure you noticed for the lack of updates on this. We grew apart as people which is okay. 

I can't speak for C and S but for me, things are going great. I'm happy. 


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