As I Lay Waiting

I was waiting, for something, anything. Anna Kyle's trapped, she doesn't know where, she doesn't know why. The only thing she can here are screams and the sound of a gun.


1. Waiting

I was sitting sprawled up on the cold concrete floor, trying to keep warm. I was waiting, waiting for anything, something. I had been locked in this room for days now. No one had come. Him, he had locked me in this room. The only things I could find out about him was what I sensed. What I could feel. I could sense that I wasn't going to be let out any time soon.

A sudden high pitched scream woke me from my sleep. It sounded like a girl.

"Please don't, you don't have to chain me up. I'll tell you anything you want, just please, please let me go." The girl said, her voice shaking a little.

"Well you're a clever darling, now aren't you? How do you know I want you to tell me something. I may just enjoy having a young lady like you in my company. How do you know I'm going to chain you up?" The man's deep voice said.

"I know people like you. You kidnap innocent people and chain them up. For fun."

The man shoved the girl into a celler, then locked the door. She was in a room probably identical to mine, cold concrete floor, one tiny barred window and a grey steel door. No colour, no bed only an empty room and a whole lot of time to just sit there. Thinking.  Waiting.

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