All around the world, there are thousands of languages spoken in so many different accents. There is one language, however, that is spoken by all. {Spin-off from Fairground}


1. Signs

Universal signs are peculiar things. For instance the nod of a head means ‘yes’ and raising the middle finger up to an authority figure means rebellion. Sometimes universal signs can be cruel, but some, those special few, can make a person smile more than any string of words can.

Conner found it hard sometimes, not being able to tell Holly how much she meant to him, because signing phrases just didn’t seem to be as strong as saying them out loud. He knew he would never be able to say those three words to her like he wanted to, but luckily - thankfully - there was one sign known globally that meant just as much. A kiss. A kiss on the cheek, feather-soft, that travels to the nose, which tickles, and then to the lips, which warms the soul and says everything that needs to be said.

It was these kisses that Conner gave Holly every morning when she woke up next to him, and it was the smile on her lips that let him know she felt the same way.

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