die Schusswaffe

A Professional German Assassin, payed to murder a certain well known figure in history, J.F.K.


2. Britain Calling.

The Studebaker Avanti rolled casually down the English countryside road drawing little attention from the few people who it passed on its route. The man behind the wheel was tall and of a strong build, he had dirty blonde hair, dark eyes and a crude, cold face. To anyone who saw him he would seem like a perfectly normal man, if a little overdressed in his black pinstriped suit and purple tie, yet anyone who did encounter him was quick to veer away as he emanated a presence that could only be described as sinister, as if he had experienced a lot of darkness in his lifetime. 

Kurt Sneider had never been one for theatrics, but he did enjoy the finer things in life, a stylish car, an enigmatic suit and a quaint apartment satisfied his needs. Kurt did not live in Germany, he had never been a fan of his home country, especially not in its current state of disarray: he did not have a political opinion and so the idea of Germany being split by political ideals simply irritated him, hence he lived in England; although popularity was not his strong point there as the resentment from the wars still remained in the hearts and minds of many a Brit. The wars, another reason Kurt was not fond of Germany, losing is not glamorous.

Sneider had returned from Japan a couple of hours ago after carrying out a contract and was now driving home. He pulled up on the drive of his apartment and got out of his car. He began to walk towards the door  

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