You got me

Nieve, is the social outcast, rejected because of who she is. Wanting desperately to escape the tragic failure of her past, Nieve attempts to face her school again with her head high but can her newly built defences keep the bullies out?


1. Chapter 1


Head bowed, my bag clutched tightly in my hands, I let out a shaky sigh as I emerged from my house. Joining the crowd of students on their daily commute to school, I shuffled slowly along the cracked pavement, dragging my feet as if every step pained me. In some ways it did. With every step I took, the distance between me and my living nightmare shrank and that knot of anxiety in my stomach tightened, causing me to wince in pain.

Tugging the hood of my jumper further down over my head, shielding my eyes, I fiddled nervously with the frayed hem of my t-shirt. “Just breath.” I muttered quietly to myself, casting a quick glance around me. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I folded my arms across my chest and fixed my gaze on the street as I hurried past a cluster of girls who stood huddled in a small group, their backs turned on the rest of us as they gossiped. I tried to ignore the pang of envy I felt towards them, but I could not bury the slight longing that hung like a dark cloud above my head. Why couldn’t they just accept me?

Shaking my head, I watched in awe as my breath condensed a silvery white before me, for a fraction of a second creating a shield from the horrors that lay ahead. Attempting to gather as much courage as I could muster, I lifted my chin and wound one of my dark curls around my finger, tugging gently at the lock of hair. Blinking away a few stray strands, I came to a halt outside the large metal gates, idling on the perimeter of hell its self. School.

The dark building loomed dauntingly over me, surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. It reminded me of a prison; the breeding pit of evil. Dios mío. Hating the erratic thumping of my heart as it desperately attempted to burst free from its cage of flesh and bone, I allowed my eyes to flutter closed. “You can do this.” I cooed to myself, struggling to keep my feet from carrying me all the way back home to the safe confines of my bedroom.

Digging my jagged nails deep into the flesh of my palm, I forced my eyes open and crossed over the threshold. Feeling that familiar knot of anxiety clench in my stomach, I gritted my teeth together and instructed myself to move, placing one hesitant foot in front of the other. Already, I could hear the hushed conversations, could feel the heat of their cold, withering glares. Don’t look up. Don’t look up. “Hey Jane, look who’s back.” Someone sniggered as I passed a gang of my peers. Don’t look up, don’t look up.

“Better luck next time!” Someone else hollered at me, earning a chorus of giggles from the crowd. Feeling my cheeks flush, I hunched over and fixed my swimming eyes on the pavement. Nearly there. Don’t look up. I repeated the words like a mantra in my head, desperate to be inside the old school building. “Yo Nieve, where’s your amigo?So they had stooped as low as to taunt me in my own language. I felt a white hot flame of hatred flare up inside me and I struggled to bite back my words. Don’t look up, just keep moving.

Finally, when my feet pounded at the front steps and I burst through the old blue doors, I let out the breath I had been unaware I was holding. The air hissing out between my teeth, I tried to blink away the tears that had flooded my eyes and glanced cautiously around the school corridor. I knew all to well that just because you were inside, didn’t mean the devil spawn couldn’t follow. 

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