20 Short Poems

A collection of 20 short poems on no select topics. The aim is to keep everyone's spirits up! No deeply depressing poems will be found here! [Completed: 5/20]


1. If You Won the Lottery.

You say you'd buy guns

But I know you'd buy books.

You say you'd buy a big house,

But apartments are your style.

You say you'd buy me gifts and presents

But dear God I hope you don't,

Because all I want is the love that you give me

In the form of a kiss or a hug.

I love to listen to the things you say,

And the jokes you tell your friends.

Your present is your laugh, your smile,

And the cute texts that you send.

I know you want a tough appearance,

And that's what most people see,

But deep down inside I know who you are,

And it's the guy you are with me.

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