I'd Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You

Me and my friend are working together on a film! We'd like to get other peoples opinions on the script!


1. Scene 1

Beth walked into her bedroom and picked up her purple comb, running it through her hair. She then walked over to her wardrobe wondering what she should wear. Her wardrobe door annomously opened.

Beth: Who's... who's in there? (She stutters)

Alex: I am Alex, I am a russian assasin. (Beth starts laughing)  I'm going to kill you. (He says in a russian accent, then laughs)

Beth: Has Kaytee set you up?

Alex looks confused

Beth: Bring out the hidden cameras!

Alex: What are you on about, I just want to kill someone. My boss A told me too!

Alex pulls out his gun from his back pocket. He pulls the trigger, but doesn't release it.

Alex: Are there any last words?

Realising he was serious,

Beth: (crys) You don't have to do this, I'll do whatever you want.

Alex: But it's to late now, honey, I've pulled the trigger.

He realises the trigger then silently Beth falls to the floor. Alex walks over placing a black rose in her hand.


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