A Dream to Reality

A girl called Isabell who thought she would never get to meat one direction gets more than what she wished for when she gets pulled on stage be Harry <3


1. Tickets

Isabells AOV(angle of view):

It was two days before the One Direction concert and I was so upset because I couldn't go. We didn't have enough money and it really got to me that nearly all the girls from school were going and not me.

   "HUNNY! Estelle is here to see you." shouted my mum from down stairs.

   "Tell her to come to my room" I shouted back.

While I was waiting for Estelle, I thought I might quickly push all my clothes under the bed, just so it looked a bit cleaner. You see, I have been a bit to upset (about not going to the concert) lately to clean my room.

   "BOO!" Estelle popped her head round the door.

   "HELLO!!!" I said and gave her a huge hug.

Estelle and I have been best friends since we were little. We are unseperable.

   "So I heard you been quite upset lately about not being able to go to the concert." she said concerned.

   "Yeah, but I don't want mum to feel bad about it, because I know we dont have the money" I replied.

   "That's why I'm here Isabell, I have some bad news."

   "what!?" I was really concerned.

   "I have two tickets to the One Direction concert and the seats are right at the front, but i just don't know who to give the other one to."

She was messing with me. She knew I would fall on my knees begging for her to take me, but I already knew she was going to give the other to me.


   "Ofcourse" Estelle replied

This was deffently the best day ever. My mum overheard us, so she came in and hugged Estelle enormously.

   "I'm am so thankful to you for being so kind. Isabell has been upset for so long about this. Thank you so much!" my mum said hugging Estelle.

My mum came and gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the cheek. This was so exciting.


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