Fall in love twice

What am I going to do i have a boyfriend! But I love him. But I love my boyfriend to. I can't decide what am I going to do!!!


1. Meeting him

I was so hungry! I took a big bite in my hamburger. Then I looked up. There standing there was a blonde guy with big beautiful blue eyes. He smiled and said "hi I'm Niall". "uh hi" I said. He said " I'm sorry you are just so beautiful". I smiled and then I realized he was Irish because him wonderful accent. He grabbed his food (which was a lot) and sat next to me. He asked me if I wanted a fry. I took one and stuffed it in my mouth. He smiled. We spent the whole night talking! I had the best time ever. After we ate he offered to drive me home. "no I can walk" isaid starting to walk. "no I insist love" he said. I walked in his huge limo. He opened the door for me. We sat next to eachother. "love have you ever been in a limo"? He asked me. "no" I said. He smiled and looked up at me. Are eyes met.

Then we both leaned in. Then his phone rang. He took his phone out of his pocket. "hello" he said. Then I just looked out the window. Then he hung up. I turned around and said "what happened"? He said "I have to go im so sorry love". I was so sad I didnt even get to kiss him! He said "unless you would like to come with me". I smiled and started to nod. Then we stopped at a hotel. He opened the door for me. He held my hand and led me to his room. There stood three boys. "this is Ana" he told them. One came up to me and said "hello love I'm Louis". I smiled and said "hi". I could tell he was British again by his accent.another came up to me and said "hi I'm zayn". He was also British. I said hi back. Then another one said "hi I'm Liam". I smiled and said hi. I guess they are all British. Then Liam said "oh Harry isn't here he's out on a date." I sat down on the bed. They all started to practice singing. I told them I was going to go outside. I started walking down the halls. Then I heard Niall say my name behind me.

I turned around and said "oh Niall" I smiled. He smiled back then suddenly kissed me. Wow it was a great long kiss. I looked up at him and smiled. He said "how a bout we go get some nandos"? "but we just ate " i said giggling. "I'm still hungry arnt you love". I smiled and started to giggle. We walked down the hall. I hugged him while we walked. Then he grabbed ny hand. So he held hands.
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