My diary!

This is my real diary that I have started. Hope you like it! Sorry if it's boring, my life is pretty boring.


1. 06/08/12


Dear diary,

I stare out of my window up at the night sky, the thousands of twinkling stars, the bright bold moon and wonder how many other people are seeing what I see. Thinking of all the people out there in this world makes me feel so lonely. I'm sat here writing this, alone.The billions of people out there, they are all so different, I am so different. How many other people are out there right now writing in their diaries? They might even be writing a similar thing, who knows? It makes me feel so small and unimportant. I see cars drive past in the distance and think about where they are going, are they going home? Is there home safe? It makes me sad to think of how I moan about my life yet so many people would love to be me, to have a safe home, a loving family and food on the table. I realize now how truly privileged I am to be me. So I shouldn't waste my life telling myself that i'm not pretty enough or skinny enough or compare myself to others, I should simply accept myself for who I am and be happy that I am me and I live the life I do.


- x -

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